What we do

Here at Horseshoe Music we specialize in musical rendezvous – come find your new song!

Are you a professional recording and touring artist looking for your next set opener? Or maybe you’re a songwriter looking to break from a rut with a little co-writing?

Or maybe you’re a filmmaker looking for the perfect recording to add to your soundtrack? A small business or community organization looking for music for a promotional video?

Welcome to Horseshoe Music!

Find music for your film, presentation, or online event from our roster of professional, independent musicians, with hundreds of existing compositions and recordings to choose from.

Search our Catalog now to find that perfect song!

Can’t find the song? We offer custom compositions, written “to order,” and recorded in our company studio.

You can also re-record one of our compositions by obtaining a mechanical license.

Our full range of services:

License Existing Compositions – Find music for your film, presentation, or event projects in our online catalog, with hundreds of original compositions to choose from.

Mechanical Licenses – Record your own “cover” version of a Horseshoe Music managed composition by obtaining a mechanical license.

Custom Scoring and Composition – Can’t find what you need? We’ll write something for you! Original composition and recording services for your particular needs.

Studio – Record With Us